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Congressman Payne is committed to growing our economy, creating jobs, and fostering greater economic opportunities, especially for people in Black and brown communities. He believes in an economy that works for everyone and has worked to break down barriers to economic mobility while nurturing the spirit of American innovation that leads to economic growth.

  • Wrote the House version of President Biden’s landmark Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will create millions of good-paying union jobs across the country while investing billions of dollars in physical infrastructure here in New Jersey, including the Gateway Tunnel and other critical infrastructure needs.  

  • As chairman of the Rail subcommittee, Congressman Payne is leading the fight to establish a DBE purchasing program at the Federal Railroad Administration. This would guarantee that federal passenger rail construction projects set goals for minority business participation and inclusion.  

  • Voted for the Build Back Better Act (BBA) which would invest over 1.7 trillion dollars to strengthen the economy, improve healthcare access and affordability, combat climate change and support environmental justice, while reforming the tax code to increase fairness for lower and working class Americans.

  • Passed legislation to expand apprenticeship opportunities for minority-owned businesses.

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