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Congressman Payne has been fighting for environmental justice his entire career because he has seen the damage that polluters have inflicted on communities like Newark up close as a lifelong resident. He supports more spending on green energy infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change and has consistently fought to remove pollutants from our communities, including getting lead out from our water supply.  

  • Wrote and passed an amendment to the INVEST in America Act to prioritize lead removal funds for low-income cities with a history of lead exposure.

  • Co-wrote the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with provisions that funds environmental remediation projects with $21 billion in funding to promote environmental justice, clean up Superfund and brownfield sites in the 10th Congressional District and across New Jersey.

  • Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act co-written by the Congressman, New Jersey will expect to receive $1 billion over the next five years to improve water infrastructure across the state, ensuring access to safe, clean drinking water to all communities.

  • Wrote and passed the TEST For Lead act, which requires states to test school drinking water for lead contamination.

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