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Congressman Payne is a strong supporter of Medicare and Social Security and has opposed every attempt by Republicans to cut these benefits or privatize these programs. These benefits have been earned over a lifetime, and Congressman Payne will ensure that they are there for future generations as well.


He is committed to lowering the costs of  prescription drugs and consistently supports Medicare negotiation of lower drug prices for seniors. He is committed to ensuring that nutrition, social and emotional support services, and community-based organizations in New Jersey’s 10th district have the funding they need  to continue to serve seniors. As a statement of value, he  believes that seniors should live their lives with the independence and dignity they deserve and supports an Older Americans Bill of Rights.  


He also supports legislation to increase the value of monthly Social Security benefits, adjust to a new and accurate CPI, keep the Social Security Trust Fund solvent through  2038, and set a higher minimum benefit for low-income workers who make only poverty level wages.

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